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Create your own Ai Virtual Assistant to help customers interaction with your product

What is Fineguide?

Fineguide is a platform designed for individuals or business owners to incorporate AI chat assistants onto their websites. It's like having Chat GPT right on your webpage!
PreDefined prompts
Role-Specific rules
No coding required

How It Works?

1. Create a Virtual Assistant

Tech Support
It only takes 5 seconds to create a virtual asisstant. All you need to do is pick out a cool and attractive name for it.

2. Provide your Assistant with learning information

Customisable Personality
Similar to a new onboarding member, your Assistant has to learn about your business or product. It can be anything - from a FAQ page on your website to a PDF file

3. Integrate your assistant into your website

simple to integrate
Integrating your assistant into your website is as easy as sharing a video from YouTube. A few simple steps, and your assistant becomes a part of your website.
simple to integrate

How can our Ai-Assistants help your business?

Integrating our Ai-assistants into your business can significantly boost the efficiency across various parts of your business.
Instant Customer Support 24/7
Bots can provide round-the-clock customer support, answering frequently asked questions and resolving common issues, reducing response time and improving overall efficiency.
Information Retrieval
Bots can retrieve information from internal databases or external sources, helping employees in accessing relevant information quickly.
Employee Onboarding
Bots can assist in the onboarding process by providing information, answering common queries, and guiding new employees through essential procedures.
Event and Appointment Scheduling
Bots can help potential clients schedule appointments, meetings, or events, reducing the administrative burden on staff.
Boost E-commerce Sales
Bots can analyze customer preferences and behavior to suggest relevant products, boosting sales and enhancing the shopping experience.
Lead Generation and Qualification
Bots can qualify leads by asking pre-determined questions and gather essential information from potential customers, aiding in personalized marketing efforts.

Let our bots speak for themselves

Our bots can take on variety of roles. Customisable and tailored to reflect the unique voice of your brand!
Please consider this as an exaggerated example of our Assistants in action.
1. Select an Assistant
2. Start a conversation

Configure your Assistant with a few clicks

You don't need to be a prompt master, our assistants have the most accurate pre-defined prompts, so you don't need to write it yourself.
PreDefined prompts
Role-Specific rules
No coding required

Enterprise Quality Features

Fully customizable chat interface
Featuring a fully customizable interface, allowing you to tailor appearance to match your brand's style effortlessly

Custom widgets support
Our Assistants can incorporate widgets into conversations, offering dynamic and personalized content for a richer interaction.
Custom Integrations
Our Assistants can be easily integrated with a variety of tools and platforms

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GPT-Powered Assistants
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Reinforced Learning
Reinforced learning algorithms allows the Assistant to self-improve through user feedback and interaction.
Reduced Hallucination
Our algorithms significantly reduce the generation of inaccurate or nonsensical responses.
Context Optimisation
We enhanced the Assistant's ability to understand context for more accurate interactions.
Proactive Support
Improve customer engagement with proactive behaviour and followup questions, increasing number of leads.
Customizable Personality
Customize Assistant's persona to align with your brand voice and values.
Versatile Role Adaptation
Assign roles to specialise and deliver knowledgeable context-relevant responses